Competition information

Honeysty Cup 2020


The Finnish figure skating club Koovee ry is pleased to invite you to our interclub figure skating competition for single skating. The competition Honeysty Cup 2020 is held in the city of Tampere, Finland.

Honeysty Cup 2020 competition will be conducted for invited clubs only in accordance with the ISU Constitution and General Regulations, the ISU Special Regulations for Figure Skating as well as all pertinent ISU Communications for Figure Skating and the regulations and classifications of the Finnish Skating Union.

Organizer                            Koovee ry Figure Skating Club, Finland

Time                                    September 11 – 13, 2020

Place                                     Hakametsä 2 Arena, Keltinkatu 2, Tampere Finland. Ice rink size: 29,5m*59,5m.


Invited clubs and members of the National Figure Skating Federations associated with the ISU are invited to take part in the competition (women and girls) and all boys and men in all Clubs in Finland.

All Finnish skaters from Clubs invited will be accepted to this competition.  Koovee as an organizing Club reserves the right to make subgroups of categories if there is high number of entries in a category. If category is divided it will be done by even and uneven numbered enrollments.


Please note! In case competition cannot be held due to conditions/restrictions caused by covid-19 we will notify all partisipating Clubs by 9.9.2020.

Participants are requested to follow the Finnish authorities instructions regarding travelling to Finland and quarantine requirements. If traveling to Finland requires quarantine prior to competition, please note that the competitor is responsible for all his/her expenses.

How to entry by 26.8.2020  

Please fill in the enclosed entry form (annex B) and return it to the organizer by Wednesday, 26th August, 2020 to the following e-mail address:

Entries received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Preliminary event schedule

Friday, 11th September, Competition
Saturday, 12th September, Competition
Sunday, 13th September, Competition 

A more detailed event schedule will be posted on Koovee competition website as soon as possible when we have received the entries.

Detailed list of participants will be posted on Koovee competition website latest on Monday 31st August 2020.


The Draw will be done onWednesday 9th September in  Koovee office by 18:00. The skating  orders will be posted on Koovee Taitoluistelu web site. The groups will be confirmed on Wednesday for categories that take place on Friday and on Friday 15:00 for categories on Saturday and Sunday.

Planned Program Components and Music – BY 31.8.2020

Entries for for ISU evaluation categories; please fill in the separate “planned program component” sheet and return it by August 31st by email to

We ask all competitors to send their music by e-mail as MP3 files to the competition secretary by August31st. Please send all the musics by club, naming the files by:


Please also bring the music as a CD-R (NOT CD-RW) to the competition. The CD:s are used only if the MP3 files do not work.

Categories and evaluation

ISU Judging system

Senior A (ladies and men) born 1.7.1940 or later SP/FS

Junior A (ladies and men) born 1.7.2001 or later SP/FS

Novice A (girls and boys) born 1.7.2005 or later SP/FS

Debs A (girls and boys) born 1.7.2007 or later FS


The Organizer reserves the right to select the judges. The judges will be announced in competition confirmation on 31st August.

Entry fees and expenses

Travel expenses, board and accommodation will be borne by the participants. No expenses will be reimbursed to the participants by the organizing club.

The entry fees and programs by category:

  Category  Program(s)  Entry fee
Debs A (Debytantit)FS60 €
Novice A (SM-noviisit)SP, FS90 €
Junior A (SM-juniorit)SP, FS90 €
Senior A (SM-seniorit)SP, FS90 €

The entry fees of foreign competitors can be paid by cash to the competition office during competition. The entry fee has to be paid before the start of the program. The entry fees of Finnish competitors have to be paid into the bank account by 31st of August 2020. Please pay all the participants of the club in one transaction.

Bank account and payment reference details:

Koovee ry

IBAN: FI44 5730 0820 1129 24
Reference: club name – Honeysty cup


The Organizer has the right to invoice the entry fee if participation is cancelled after 4th of September 2020 without a medical certificate.


Accommodation will be arranged by participants. Please find the accommodation offer attached as an annex to this invitation.

Liability and changes

The Organizer accepts no liability for injury or damage sustained by competitors or officials. Participants and other members are expected to provide their own insurances.

All rights to changes are reserved.

If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you in Tampere, Finland!

Best regards,

Ville Kauppinen
Competition director
Koovee taitoluistelu ry
mobile phone: +358 40 8619 106

Karoliina Kairtamo
Competition Secretary
Koovee ry
mobile phone: +358 40 8256 822

Email inquiries:

ANNEXES                            Entry Form(A),                     Planned Program Components(B), Technical requirements

Kilpailuissa tarkistettavat elementtitasot      

DISTRIBUTION             STLL, Judges, Technical panel


HaTaL, HeiTa, HYTL, HTL, IceTeam, JTL, JyTLS, KeLS, KeuPa, KTK, KKJT, Koovee, KoTa, KTL, LRL, LrTL, LTL, LoTTa, ML, MJT, NTL, PoriTa, RU, RauTL, SalPa, SaTu, SCT, STR, TapTL, TRT, UpTL, VLK, Varala, VarTa, VG-62, VTL
(all skaters from competing categories)

EsJt, ETK, EVT, HTA, HL, HTK, IiTa, JeS, JoKa, KaTa, KJ, KiuTa, KK, KuLS, KuTa, LieTa, LT,  MTK, OLK, PTL, RoiTa, RTL, SeiTL, TaiKa, TL, TTK

(all boys and men in competing categories)

EST, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway